2003, Vol. 13, Issue 1  - CONTENTS

  1. JAROŠOVÁ E., JAROŠOVÁ E., Analysis of effects of social and managerial skills training - abstract

  2. KREFFT A., GALANC T., FILIPOWSKI H., On some methodological aspect of the life quality measurement (in Polish)- abstract

  3. LIANA M., About a parameters number reduction of a multi-component transportation occurring in store management systems (in Polish) - abstract

  4. MIKUŚ J., Forecasting of a general number of the specified product buyers generated by a diffusion model (in Polish) - abstract

  5. PISULA T., The assessment of efficiency of a cybernetical and economical system of a “transport-resources” type (in Polish) abstract

  6. RUSNÁK R., ZIMKA R., Fluctuations in an open economy model under fixed exchange rate regime  - abstract