2004, Vol. 14, Issue 1  -  CONTENTS

       1.   GAWEŁ a. Determinants of labor demand on the basis of enterprises' opinions in business survey data (in Polish) - abstrakt

       2.   KATARZYNIAK R. P., PIECZYŃSKA-KUCHTIAK A., A strategy for the choice of modal response in an interactive decision support system (in Polish) - abstrakt

       3.   KUCHTA D., The critical chain method in project management – a formal description - abstrakt

       4.   MATUSZEWSKA A., WITKOWSKA D., Forecasting the euro/dollar changes using predicted values of stock index: selected econometric models and multilayer perceptron (in Polish) - abstrakt

       5.   MIKUŒ J. Forecasting of the portfolio profit rate (in Polish) - abstrakt

       6.   MIKUŒ J., BIELENINIK E., Remarks on Boston Consulting Group Method (BCG) (in Polish) - abstrakt