2005, Vol. 15, Issue 1  -  CONTENTS 

       1.   Bieleninik E., Mikuś J., Conditional forecasting of the trade area dimension (in Polish) - abstract

       2.   Gurgul H., Majdosz P., Effect of dividend and repurchase announcements on the Polish stock market - abstract

       3.   Lotko A., Modeling information technology effectiveness (in Polish) - abstract

       4.   Wachowicz T., The model for supporting mediator in bilateral negotiations. Part II (in Polish) - abstract

       5.   Wilimowska Z., Łukaniuk M., Binomial model of real option valuation (in Polish) - abstract   

       6.   Wilimowska Z., Łukaniuk M.,  Real option valuation methods – Black Scholes models (in Polish) - abstract