2006, Vol. 16, Issue 1  -  CONTENTS


1.      GASPARS H., time-cost analysis (CPM-COST). Algorithm versus optimization model (in Polish) - abstract

2.      HANČLOVA J. RUBIKOVA E., Testing the weak-form of efficiency on Chech and Slovak stock market - abstract

3.       HANNA J., Capital accumulation, overlapping generations and dynamic efficiency - abstract

4.       KAPŁON R., A retrospective review of categorical data analysis – theory and marketing practice (in Polish) - abstract

5.      KOŃCZAK G., WYWIAŁ. J., Testing hypothesis on stability of expected value and variance - abstract

6.      KUCHTA D., RYŃCA R., Balanced activity scorecard – combination of activity based costing and activity based  management with balanced scorecard (in Polish) - abstract

7.      ŚWIĄTEK J., GALANC T., Probabilities of a lower-limit barrier in the problem of the identification of a barrier in the functioning of a certain inventory storage and issue system - abstract