2007, Vol. 17, Issue 1  -  CONTENTS


1.   GASPARS H., Resource allocation under uncertainty: choice models and computational procedures (in Polish) - abstract

2.   GUZIK B., Indirect tax revenue curves – consumer demand models point of view. In particular: Asymptotic zero demand models (in Polish) - abstract

3.    HEILPERN S., Dependent binomial distribution, application in reinsurance and credits (in Polish) - abstract

4.    KLAUS A., RYŃCA R., KOWALSKI M., Activity Based Costing: cost analysis of dean's office at universities (in Polish) - abstract

5.   KROIK J., MALARA Z., The conditions of decision  making undertaken within transaction processes linked enterprises (in Polish)  - abstract

6.   SEKUŁA Z., An employee outsourcing profitability in the municipal service (in Polish) - abstract