2008, Vol. 18, Issue 1  -  CONTENTS


1.      BOJNOWSKA A., Time-driven activity based costing – an improvement of standard activity based costing (in Polish) - abstract

2.      GUZIK B., Measuring efficiency using isoquants in input-productivity space. Multiple-input case (in Polish) - abstract

3.     KUCHARSKI A., Genetic Algorithms in Stock Forecasting – Deleting of Outliers (in Polish) - abstract

4.     KUCHTA D.,RYŃCA R., Implementation of Balanced Scorecard for processes and activities (in Polish) - abstract

5.     RĘBIASZ B. Interactive fuzzy numbers arithmetic in financial analyses (in Polish) - abstract

6.     TRZPIOT G., MAJEWSKA J., Investment decisions and portfolios classification based on robust methods of estimation - abstract