2009, Vol. 19, Issue 1  -  CONTENTS

  1. ÆWI„KAŁA-MAŁYS A., The application of Wrocław taxonomy in the comparative analysis of public universities (in Polish) -abstract

  2. GRZECH A., Preliminary selection in the decision-making process of venture capital fundsabstract

  3. GURGUL H.,WÓJTOWICZ T., Long memory of volatility measures in time series - abstract

  4. GUZIK B., Basic analytical possibilities of the CCR-DEA model (in Polish) - abstract

  5. HEILPERN S., Probability of ruin for a dependent, two-dimensional Poisson processabstract

  6. KONDRATIUK-JANYSKA A., KALUSZKA M., On new immunization strategies under random shocks on the term structure of interest ratesabstract

  7. MALIÈKĘ P., ZIMKA R., Can tori arise in a two-regional model with fixed exchange rates? - abstract

  8. UZIAŁKO J., RADOSIŃSKI E., Methods of resource management – the case of healthcare (in Polish) - abstract