2010 Vol. 20, Issue 1 -  CONTENTS

  1. CABAŁA P. Using the analytic hierarchy process in evaluating decision alternatives - abstract

  2. CANAL L., OSTASIEWICZ W., Use of granulands for analysis of social classabstract

  3. GIERULSKI W., The method of data envelopment analysis as a tool for compiling a rating list - abstract

  4. HOŁODNIK-JANCZURA  G., GOLIŃSKA I., Decision support system for choosing a model for a software development life cycle - abstract

  5. KACZMARSKA B., The data envelopment analysis method in benchmarking of technological incubators abstract

  6. PRZEKOTA G., SZCZEPAŃSKA-PRZEKOTA I., The reaction of the WIG stock market index to changes in the interest rates on bank depositsabstract

  7. SIELSKA A., Multicriteria rankings of open-end investment funds and their stability - abstract

  8. TRZPIOT G., MAJEWSKA J., Estimation of Value at Risk: Extreme value and robust approaches - abstract