b Strona w budowie

2005, Vol. 15, Issue 2  -  CONTENTS 

       1.   ADAMUS W., GRĘDA A., Multicriteria decision support in solving chosen organizational and management problems (in Polish) - abstract

       2.   BUTRYN B., FURA M., Calculation of decision making probability using probit and logit models (in Polish) - abstract

       3.   MAZURKIEWICZ M., MERCIK W., Modified Shapley-Shubik power index for parliamentary coalitions - abstract

       4.   ŚWIĄTEK J., GALANC T., Lower-limit barrier in the problem of the identification of a barrier in the functioning of a certain inventory storage and issue system - abstract

       5.   WĘDZKI D., Multivariate analysis of bankruptcy on the example of building industry (in Polish) - abstract

       6.   WOJNA A., KŁODZIŃSKA A., Multivariate models for reserves control and their applications (in Polish) - abstract