2006, Vol. 16, Issue 2  -  CONTENTS


1.   GURGUL H., MAJDOSZ P., The impact of institutional investors on risk and stock return autocorrelation in the context of the Polish pension reform  Tab. 1, Tab. 2, Tab. 3 - abstract

2.   GUZIK B., Estimation of the product life cycle market model (in Polish) - abstract

3.   HOPEJ M., MARTAN J., The determination of span of control - abstract

4.   KOWALSKI M., KUCHTA D., The use of time consecrated to the realization of individual activities as a parameter to allocate resources cost to activities in Activity Based Costing (in Polish) - abstract

5.   RUSIN W. M., On some inflation model based on the past price dynamics - abstract

6.   TRZPIOT G., Measuring financial risks under uncertainty (in Polish) - abstract