2007, Vol. 17, Issue 2  -  CONTENTS


1.   ĆWIĄKAŁA-MAŁYS A., NOWAK W., The generalized sensibility analysis of the profit in a company which produces n-assortments (in Polish) - abstract

2.   DUDEK G., The analysis of the short-term power system load forecasting model based on the fuzzy clustering. Tab. 1 (in Polish) - abstract

3.   GUZIK B., Estimating the economic entities efficiency on the basis of partial efficiency isoquants (in Polish) - abstract

4.   HOŁODNIK-JANCZURA G., Audit of software quality by valuing method (in Polish) - abstract

5.   KUCHTA D.,RYŃCA R., Process management in Polish companies (in Polish) - abstract

6.   TARAPATA Z ., Scheduling models of synchronized moving of many objects (in Polish) - abstract

7.   WĘDZKI D., Trade credit portfolio selection – a Markovian approach - abstract