2008, Vol. 18, Issue 2 -  CONTENTS


1.    BOJNOWSKA A., The process of costs calculation according to the concept of time-driven activity based costing (in Polish) - abstract

2.      GURGUL H., MESTEL R., SYREK R.,  Polish stock market and some foreign markets – dependence analysis by copulas  - abstract

3.     GUZIK B., Liquidity and liquidity cost vs. bank profitability. A model analysis attempt (in Polish) - abstract

4.     KONARZEWSKA I., On measuring sensitivity of the optimal portfolio allocation (in Polish) - abstract

5.     KUCHTA D.,RYŃCA R.,  Balanced Scorecard and Balanced Scorecard for processes and activities - case study of a car dealer (in Polish) - abstract

6.     WĘDZKI D.: Cash Flow in Corporate Bankruptcy . A Literature Review (in Polish) - abstract


D. Ramsey, review of the book Power, Freedom and Voting. Essays in honour of Manfred J. Holler