2010, Vol. 20, Issue 2 -  CONTENTS

  1. BYLKA S., A Stackelberg game in a production-distribution system with multiple buyers - abstract

  2. GŁADYSZ. B., A method for detecting outliers in fuzzy regressionabstract

  3. GUZOWSKA M., STRĄK T. An Examination of the efficiency of Polish public sector entities based on public prosecutor offices - abstract

  4. HEILPERN S., Dependent discrete risk processes –calculation of the probability of ruin - abstract

  5. KUCHTA D., Generalization of the critical chain method supporting the management of projects with a high degree of uncertainty and imperfect information abstract

  6. OLBRYŚ J., Three – factor market-timing models with Fama and French’s spread variablesabstract

        Obituary of Professor Irena Dobrzańska