2004, Vol. 14, Issue 3-4  -  CONTENTS


1.      BRZĘCZEK T. A procedure of choice of shares portfolio which is to provide supervision of unsystematic riskTab. 2, Tab. 3, Tab. 4 (in Polish) - abstract

2.      KLŮFA J., Sampling inspection plans from numerical point of view - abstract

3.      KUCHTA D., KOWALSKI M., Implementation of activity based costing method in commercial company - case study (in Polish) - abstract

4.      MERCIK W.J., Single equivalent of double majority voting system. Tab. 6 (in Polish) - abstract

5.      PRZEKOTA G., PRZEKOTA D., Estimating the fractal dimension of time series of currence values using area division method (in Polish) - abstract

6.      ŚWIĄTEK J., GALANC T., Process density functions in the problem of the identification of a barrier in the functioning of a certain inventory storage and issue system - abstract

7.      TRZPIOT G., Some properties of risk measures (in Polish) - abstract

8.      WACHOWICZ T., A model for supporting mediator in bilateral negotiations. Part I (in Polish) - abstract