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2005, Vol. 15, Issue 3-4 -  CONTENTS

1.      JADCZAK R., Solving vehicle routing problems with evolutionary algorithms (in Polish) - abstract

2.      KOWALCZYK B., On different estimators of a population mean based on ranked sets - abstract

3.      KUCHTA D., Fuzzy solution of the linear programming problem with interval coefficients in the constraints - abstract

4.     RADOSIŃSKI E., ZABAWA J., Simulation methods for production programming (in Polish) - abstract

5.     RUTKOWSKA-ZIARKO A., Methods of finding the effective portfolio for semi-variance (in Polish) - abstract

6.      świtalski z., Optimal recruitment system of candidates to schools (in Polish) - abstract

7.      TAGLIABUE G., Co-integrating relationship between terms of trade, money and current account: the Italian evidence - abstract

8.      Wasilewski A., Wróbel E., Choice of computer system with the analysis of investment efficiency (in Polish) - abstract

9.    ZAWISZA M., Parametric probabilistic dominance – multicriteria model (in Polish) - abstract