2006, Vol. 16, Issue 3-4 -  CONTENTS

1.   GASPARS H., A conception of a new algorithm for the project time-cost analysis (in Polish) - abstract

2.   GURGUL H., WÓJTOWICZ T., Long-run properties of trading volume and volatility of equities listed in Dija index (in Polish) - abstract

3.   GUZIK B., Statistical methods for analyzing the relationship between bank profitability and liquidity (in Polish) - abstract

4.   GUZIK B., The mean error in prediction for the method of the empirical growth extrapolation (in Polish) - abstract

5.   KRÓL M. J., LIANA M., The deficit and the overfilling in the system of ,,Transport – Reserves” type with the multi-component non-homogenous transportation (in Polish) - abstract

6.   KUKUŁA K., STROJNY J., An attempt at evaluating the direction and tempo of the transport infrastructure transformation in new EU members and EU aspiring countries (in Polish) - abstract

7.   RĘBIASZ B., Efficiency and risk of investment projects - probability distribution or possibility distribution (in Polish) - abstract

8.   SKORUPKA D., Modelling of risk in the building projects (in Polish) - abstract