2007, Vol. 17, Issue 3-4 -  CONTENTS


1.   ĆWIĄKAŁA-MAŁYS A., An attempt to create a budget in a higher state school of higher education (in Polish) - abstract

2.   DOMAGAŁA A., Data Envelopment Analysis – a method for measuring the relative technical efficiency (in Polish) - abstract

3.   DOMAGAŁA A., Evaluating the efficiency of decision making units using panel Data Envelopment Analysis – empirical example for Polish commercial banks (rys. 2, rys. 3, tab. 2, tab. 4) (in Polish) - abstract

4.   GUZIK B., Efficiency isoquants as a function of input productivities or input-absorption of outputs (in Polish) - abstract

5.   GUZIK B., Including substitution of inputs in DEA models  (in Polish) - abstract

6.   KUCHTA D.,RYŃCA R., Balanced scorecard and balanced scorecard for processes and activities (in Polish) - abstract

7.   KUTSCHENREITER-PRASZKIEWICZ I., Graph reduction method for fuzzy graph (in Polish) - abstract

8.   MERCIK J. W. Econometric estimation of hidden factors in group decision making – their impact on power index estimation - abstract

9.   PRZEKOTA G., Analysis of the relationships between indexes on Polish and American Stock Exchange (in Polish) - abstract

     Review of the journal: AUCO Czech Economic