2008, Vol. 18, Issue 3  -  CONTENTS

1.      GŁADYSZ B., KUCHTA D., Estimation of long term  project risk during project realization – combination of the earned value and present value methods - abstract

2.      HAMROL M., CHODAKOWSKI J., Prognozowanie zagrożenia finansowego przedsiębiorstwa. Wartość predykcyjna polskich modeli analizy dyskryminacyjnej (in Polish) - abstract 

3.       JUZWISZYN J., Market symphony (in Polish) - abstract

4.       KUCHARSKI A., Efficiency of genetic algorithm as forecasting instrument of time series (in Polish) - abstract

5.      RUPIK K., The efficiency of the marketing planning model in the network organizations (in Polish) - abstract

6.      RUTKOWSKI A., Multiples modification in assessment of M&A processes (in Polish) - abstract

7.      SIERPIŃSKA M., SZCZEPANKOWSKI P., Research of the New Connect market enterprises economic situation. methodology and test revision of suggesting models (in Polish) - abstract

8.   WIŚNIEWSKI T., Errors in estimation of cost of capital in investment appraisal and their significance (in Polish) - abstract