2009, Vol. 19, Issue 3 -  CONTENTS

  1. ĆWIĄKAŁA-MAŁYS A., NOWAK W., Classification of Data Envelopment Analysis models (in Polish) abstract

  2. GŁADYSZ B., Method of determining the value of an electrical energy contract (in Polish) abstract

  3. GURGUL H., LACH Ł., Linear versus nonlinear causality for DAX companies - abstract

  4. GUZIK B., Important applications of the super-efficiency CCR model to economic analysis (in Polish) - abstract

  5. KACZMAR I., Use of the input-output matrix to determine the hierarchy of information on the Internet (in Polish) abstract

  6. KAPŁON R., Prior distributions for Bayes factors and latent class model selection (in Polish) abstract

  7. RĘBIASZ B., A method for selecting an effective investment project portfolio (in Polish) - abstract

  8. SKORUPKA D., Method of planning construction projects, taking into account risk factors - abstract