2010, Vol. 20, Issue 3-4  -  CONTENTS

  1. GURGUL H., LACH Ł., International trade and economic growth in the Polish economy abstract

  2. HOŁODNIK-JANCZURA G., LERKA M., Evaluation of the influence of selected factors on successful ERP  software implementation abstract

  3. KAPŁON R., Heterogeneity in models of purchase frequency – A comparison of Poisson-gamma mixtures with finite Poisson mixtures - abstract

  4. KIJEK A., KIJEK T., Modelling of innovation diffusion - abstract

  5. MALAWSKI M., PRZYBYSZEWSKI K., SOSNOWSKA H., Cognitive effort of voters under three different voting methods  – an experimental study - abstrakt

  6. OSTASIEWICZ K., MAGNUSZEWSKI P., Agricultural sustainability in a simple social-ecological system abstract

  7. POLLASTRI A., ZAMBRUNO G., The distribution of the ratio of two independent Dagum random variables - abstract

  8. RĘBIASZ B., Interactive fuzzy numbers in the evaluation of the effectiveness of investment projects and the selection of efficient portfolios - abstract

  9. SZPULAK A., The efficiency of the receivable rotation ratio as a measure of the accounts receivable settlement period - abstract