2003, Vol. 13, Issue 4  -  CONTENTS

    1.  In memory of Profesor STEFAN CHANAS (Dorota Kuchta) - text

    2.  DUBOIS D., PRADE H., SMETS P., A definition of subjective possibility - abstrakt

    3.  DYMOWA L., DOLATA M., The transportation problem under probabilistic and fuzzy uncertainties - abstrakt

    4.  GŁADYSZ B., KUCHTA D., The two-machine open shop problem with fuzzy processing times  - abstrakt

    5.  GŁADYSZ B., KUCHTA D., Minimization of the expected number of late jobs in a single machine system with

         fuzzy processing times and fuzzy due dates  - abstrakt

    6.  GRZEGORZEWSKI P., Approximation of a fuzzy number preserving entropy-like nonspecifity - abstrakt

    7.  HEILPERN ST., On probabilistic interpretation of fuzzy numbers - abstrakt

    8.  KAMBUROWSKI J., On the unknown contribution of Stefan Chanas to the stochastic flow shop analysis - abstrakt

    9.  KASPERSKI A., Sensitivity analysis in sequencing problems - abstrakt

 10.   KOBYLAŃSKI P., KULEJ M., Improved Solutions for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling with Fuzzy Time

         Windows and Fuzzy Goal - abstrakt

 11.   KUCHTA D., A generalization of a solution concept for the linear programming problem with interval coefficients -


 12.   LAMATA M. T., The graded numbers in the analytic hierarchy process - abstrakt

 13.   SEWASTIANOW P., JOŃCZYK M., Bicriterial fuzzy portfolio selection - abstrakt

 14.   VERDEGAY J.L., MORENO E.V., Solving NP-Hard Problems by Using Fuzzy Sets-based Heuristics - abstrakt

 15.   ZIELIŃSKI p., Computing efficiently floats of all activities in a series-parallel network with duration interval  -



KUCHTA D., Review of the book by Tadeusz Trzaskalik Introduction to the operation research using computer (in Polish)