2008, Vol. 18, Issue 4  -  CONTENTS

  1.      ANUSIK A., The research into the impast of the uncertain factors on the Black-Scholes model parameters  (in Polish) - abstract

2.      GŁADYSZ B., KUCHTA D., Application of regression trees in the analysis of electricity load - abstract 

3.       GUZIK B., CCR-DP model with dominated inflation function of inputs (in Polish) - abstract

4.       KOSIOROWSKI D., Scale curve - a robust and nonparametric approach to study a dispersion and interdependence of multivariate distributions (in Polish) - abstract

5.      KUCHTA D., Robust choice of investment projects (in Polish) - abstract

6.      MICHALSKI R., Usability in software manufacturing process: design methods and techniques (in Polish) - abstract

7.      NAZARKO J., KOMUDA M., KUMICZ K., SZUBZDA E., URBAN J., The DEA method in public sector institutions efficiency analysis on the basis of higher education institutions (in Polish) - abstract

8.   TARAPATA Z., Scheduling algorithms of synchronized movement of many objects (in Polish) - abstract